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Posted on Thursday 28 October, 2010 in forward

Paul and I had to write a 100 words to describe Forward when we sponsored the first clojure conj a.ka. the conj. This is what we came up with:

Forward is a collection of internet companies based in Camden, London. Our success is driven by talented people who are given the freedom to experiment with technology in a low ceremony environment. Forward is reliant upon small teams of developers who actively engage in the business and go beyond a traditional role. Development is at the core of how we solve problems, from testing new businesses in a day to discovering how the weather affects web traffic. This has made us one of the top ten fastest growing privately owned technology companies in the UK.

Sound interesting? Get more information at http://forwardtechnology.co.uk/ or get in touch

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A blog by Michael Jones, a developer currently working at forward, whose interests include: web technologies; ruby; functional programming; design and making the perfect cup of filter coffee.

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