Moving to Jekyll

Posted on Friday 25 June, 2010 in programming and blogging

Recently I decided to move my blog from Wordpress and try to find a simpler way of maintaining a blog. Wordpress has always felt a bit overkill when my only real requirement was an easy way to generate consistently styled HTML pages.

James Mead had previously pointed me in the direction of a number static site generators and after some googling I was surprised to find how many options there actually were. After playing around most of them I quickly narrowed my options down to:

  • webby: super simple CMS
  • staticmatic: inbuilt HAML and SASS support
  • nanoc: lots of features but didn’t like the configuration
  • jekyll: blog aware static site generation

Jekyll was the seemed closest fit to my requirements and had the easiest setup and I have been playing with it for about a month or so. Some of the features of using a static site generator that I have really liked are:

  • The posts are stored in source control and not a database
  • I can use my favourite editors to edit any file.
  • Easy to modify, change or totally redesign your site on a whim.
  • The source is in ruby so I can can easily hack at it.
  • Forks providing HAML / SASS support.

The only feature that was missing from Wordpress was commenting but thats easily solved with disqus.

So if you are currently running your own blog on Wordpress and want something fast and light weight I would encourage to try it out.

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